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Major Switch-er-roo

I made the decision to switch my mjaor. I’m not going to be working towards the nursing program. I decided to follow my heart not my empty pockets. I’m going to work towards a bachelors degree in Art Education, to be an art teacher. I can’t wait to get started. I think I will be a lot happier in life if I choose to do something that I love. I like working with people in the healthcare world but not enough to devote my life or everyday just to work and make money.

I started this amazing new art project and I can honestly say i’m proud of myself. I was sitting at work yesterday and it popped into my head out of no where. I didn’t take the idea from something I saw online, It just came to me.

The Idea:

Take a piece of wood and carve out the outline of an octopus and then stain the wood with the new bright colored stains they have now.


After work I went to lowe’s and micheal’s to get all the tools i would need. Came home and worked on it for 4 hours until I got called into work. Its coming a long awesome. I’m excited to get home, to work on it again.


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