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I will hide you behind my humiliation

I wrote Aimee a message on myspace the other day, saying that I was reminising through old memories of me and her. Putting myself into those emotions and moments and it was amazing what we had. We had some thing so innocent and pure. I loved her, I really did love her. I still do. She was my first love and I still have this fantasy that she will be my last love, but I have learned to take everyday as it comes. I watched Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind today. Its her favorite movie. She said she could most relate to it, and I wanted to see. And she does, and I do. I feel like joely and she was my clementine. I posted a blog on myspace of all the amazing quotes from the movie and she posted a comment and said in it “i understand…i really do.” and now her display picture is…


I want to believe i’m the one that she loves and can’t let go, and wants to hold all through the night.


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