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I want someone…

I want someone that will go on a vacation and I will actually miss…want to jump into their arms when they get back and tackle on the bed and just stare through their eyes.   I want someone I can miss, but I know is coming back. I want someone that looks at art like I do, that will finish my thoughts but there is no way I could be annoyed with it, someone that doesn’t turn everything into a competition, then argue with me and say that they aren’t, someone who will just admit they rolled their eyes at me and not pretend like i’m stupid, someone that doesn’t make me feel stupid but lets me feel intelligent even when maybe i’m not. That will play xbox with me, and not make it all about them.

So those are the things I would love in a person, and the things I don’t have with (insert name here).

Its wierd to be in the position where i’m not happy with that person, and finally no matter how hard I try I can’t force myself to be happy with them. Iv’e never been the one to say no. I’ve made myself available and willing to the people that wanted me, because I didn’t think I had any other option. It’s a very twisted person I had become. Now i’m just not interested. She is an awesome friend, but I think she was my rebound, my “get on with my life”, my “let go of your inhibitions”, she was my first step out.

I’m ready to climb the rest of the stairs now, I’m sorry.


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